Kemp: 18C debate must be won

Former president of the Victorian division of the Liberal Party and minister in the Howard government, David Kemp, has an important piece in today’s Australian:

Menzies was very aware of the tendency of politics to degenerate into the appeasement of powerful vested interests. The only way for a government to rise above the struggle of vested interests for privilege, he argued, is to persuade Continue Reading →

Mike Carlton taken to the Human Rights Commission

Former Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mike Carlton is being taken to the Australian Human Rights Commission for a now infamous allegedly anti-Semitic column published on 26 July 2014. The legal basis of the claim? Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

I wonder if this has changed Carlton’s views on section 18C:

Probably not. As Andrew Bolt points out, Carlton has nothing to fear. In the eyes of the AHRC, the real crime is not being of the political Left.

But Carlton is wrong. Section 18C is a significant curtailment of our liberty. It should be repealed so that no one’s freedom of speech is restricted. Not even Mike Carlton’s.

It’s also worth noting that civil society has already meted out punishment for Carlton’s conduct. After being lashed in the media and losing his job legal action seems entirely redundant.