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The WHO knows what is best for you

Nick Cater has written an excellent piece in The Australian today talking about how the World Health Organisation is taking on a disturbingly hard line role in the fight against obesity:

Gone are the days when the WHO would justify its existence trying to control Big Malaria or offer relief from Big Malnutrition. Today’s pressing task is to eliminate the scourge of sugar and bring an end to the pandemic of podginess now sweeping the globe.

The nanny state has been recast as Continue Reading →

Lawyers are challenging liberty

the-laws-of-mosesLast week Adam Creighton wrote an excellent piece for The Australian in which he stated:

Lawyers are in some ways anti-economists: where the former profit from discord, relishing in self-made complexity, the latter are drawn to simplicity and self-regulating institutions that foster mutually beneficial trades and agreements.

The consequences of the simplistic, black-or-white, all-or-nothing mentality are Continue Reading →

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