Civil liberties under fire

In my editorial in the December issue of the IPA Review, I argue that civil liberties are the new front in the attacks on our freedoms:

But few Australians would have expected that their most basic legal rights could ever be seriously threatened. Civil liberties like freedom of speech, the right to silence and the presumption of innocence were once taken for granted. Sadly, only now that they are being taken away have we realised that none of our freedoms are safe, and all of them must be fought for.

Defending fundamental freedoms like these will be a major focus for the IPA in 2013, through FreedomWatch and our Legal Rights Project.

You can read the whole article here.


What Leveson doesn’t say

My ABC Drum column this week is on the Leveson Report – and what it doesn’t tell us:

If you want to know what actually happened in the British phone hacking scandal, you won’t find it in the Leveson inquiry report released last Thursday.

The report comprises almost 2,000 pages;┬áit’s spread across four volumes and has 59 separate chapters. It has a lot of stuff about media history and ethics and philosophy; a lot of hand-wringing about press “culture” and personal friendships between Fleet Street and Westminster.

But not a lot about who committed what crime and when.


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