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Rinehart: Abbott must emulate Thatcher

Gina Rinehart wrote an important piece, published in Australian Resources & Investment, last week addressing the huge difficulties Australia faces to emerge from a cycle of budget deficits and growing debt:

Australia likewise has a lot to learn from Europe and our European migrants. Why did they come here? Why did they pick Australia? And how did many of their countries end up in such a mess? We must learn how big overspending governments, and giant consequent debts, started to dampen or control their future — and most importantly, how we can avoid the same fate. Continue Reading →

A plan for the ABC


Many IPA members have had suggestions about the future of the ABC. Here’s a valuable contribution from IPA member Stephen Blacketer from South Australia:

Well, I’ve finally done it. After being refused access to speak on air on the ABC I got angry enough to put finger to keyboard and write down my plan for reform of the ABC. The ABC uses its vast communications network and influence to steer political, cultural and economic debate to the left of politics. It certainly does not respect the charter that it should operate under. Continue Reading →

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