Email: Mark Steyn touring Australia with the IPA


Mark Steyn is one of the world’s strongest advocates for liberty, free speech and the values of our democracy, and his site – SteynOnline – is an oasis in a desert of political correctness.

It has never been more important to stand up for freedom and the values of free society than it is today. That is why the IPA is so delighted to be bringing Mark, one of the world’s most eloquent defenders of liberty, to Australia in February 2016.

You can book your place at one of the events at http://rsvp.ipa.org.au/marksteyn/events.

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Top 3 recent articles you must read


Niall Ferguson

1. Wall Street Journal – 30 November 2015: Bret Stephens on the many imaginary enemies of modern liberals

2. Boston Globe – 30 November 2015: Niall Ferguson compares the revulsion against rational discussion from modern student activists to the attitudes of 17th century Puritans

3. New York Times Magazine – 24 November 2015: Wes Enzinna describes the noble efforts to create a “secular utopia” in the backyard of the Islamic State.


Top 3 articles from last week you must read


George Will

1. Andrew Roberts in CapX last Monday advised policy makers to listen to the advice of the Confederation of British Industry – and do the exact opposite

2. George Will in the Washington Post on Friday described the collapse of the constitutional separation of powers in the United States, and the battle to wind back the executive-dominated “administrative state

3. And also on Friday, Matt Ridley and Benny Peiser in the Wall Street Journal told readers what to expect from COP21 in Paris. For your complete guide to the climate debate, read here ($).


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Niall Ferguson

1. There is a crisis in Western universities: Read Ross Douthat’s article in the New York Times last Saturday on how academia have brought it on themselves

2. In the Boston Globe on Monday, Niall Ferguson drew a compelling parallel between contemporary Europe and the 5th century Fall of Rome

3. And in the Weekend Australian last Saturday ($), former Hawke/Keating government minister Peter Baldwin slammed academia’s obsession with race and political correctness.


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Conor Friedersdorf

1. In London’s Telegraph on Saturday, Charles Moore argues that judges in the the home of the common law have too much power and need to be reined in

2. On Monday, Conor Friedersdorf highlighted in The Atlantic the new intolerance of student activism, and how a dispute over Halloween costumes devolved into an effort to censor opposing views

3. And in The Spectator, writer and historian Hal GP Colebatch has an excellent piece describing the political danger Prime Minister Turnbull is exposing himself to by opposing any reform to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act ($).


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Arthur C. Brooks

1. Matt Ridley’s terrific essay on the damage global warming alarmists are doing to science is a must read

2. In the New York Times on Saturday, Arthur C. Brooks slammed academia for promoting diversity, without actually practicing it

3. From the “population bomb” to catastrophic climate change, it seems progressives always champion doomsday ideologies. See Bret Stephens excellent article In The Australian yesterday here ($)


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Dr Jennifer Oriel

1. In excellent essay in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Matt Ridley described how technological evolution has momentum of its own – momentum which the government cannot dictate

2. In the Washington Post on Wednesday, George Will described the financial interests of US states underpinning ‘Prohibition 2.0‘ on sports betting

3. And in The Australian today, the fantastic Dr Jennifer Oriel – citing IPA research – highlights the problem of university courses leading new teachers to be hostile to the West ($).


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Bret Stephens

1) In the Spring edition of the City Journal, Steven Malanga documents who is really behind the “grassroots” environmental movement in California

2) On Monday, the Scientific American published a fascinating account of a failed Greenpeace renewable energy experiment in India, and how coal really does trump solar

3) Also on Monday, in an excellent Wall Street Journal article, Bret Stephens called on Europe to remember its Judeo-Christian inheritance.


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Viscount Ridley

1. NSW Finance Minister Dominic Perrottet had an excellent piece in The Spectator, on the “mindless conformism” of the modern student Left ($)

2. In the United States, the Democrats had the first of a series of presidential debates this week. Robert Trasinski collected the 25 craziest moments over at The Federalist

3. And in The Times this week, Matt Ridley slammed mad new EU regulations which treat e-cigarettes worse than actual cigarettes. See it here.


Top 3 articles from this week you must read


Brendan O’Neill

1. £5.8 billion for “climate aid”? Bjørn Lomborg slammed the British government’s tragic misuse of money in The Telegraph this week

2. Andrew Bolt warned in the Herald Sun that our universities are breeding a generation of “ideological stormtroopers” determined to shut down debate

3. And at The Spectator, Brendan O’Neill told of the inhumanity of political correctness, and the crowd of students who cheered the Charlie Hebdo massacre.


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