Not even sceptical environmentalism is permitted in Academia


University of Western Australia’s planned Consensus Centre, to be led by world-leading academic Bjørn Lomborg, will not go ahead. Evidently, even Professor Lomborg’s “sceptical environmentalism” could not be tolerated.

Henry Ergas in The Australian ($):

Aristotle opens the Metaphysics with one of his most striking phrases: “By their nature, all men desire to know.” Quite so. But not at the University of Western Australia.

Nor is there any mystery as to why. According to a press release issued late Friday by the university’s vice-chancellor, Paul Johnson, the proposal … had met “strong opposition” and hence could not proceed.

Since there was no consensus to seek consensus, it was better to let ignorance flourish than for the merest shard of knowledge to creep in.

Andrew Bolt considers the implications of Academia driving this global warming ‘heretic’ out of Australia:

THE banning of Bjorn Lomborg disgraces our universities. It is a warning to the world not to send us their students.

Don’t study here, where free thought is punished. Where Leftist groupthink is viciously enforced.


Academic prejudice at the University of Western Australia


An example of the anti-intellectual prejudice of modern day academia has played out at the University of Western Australia this week. The planned Consensus Centre, which was to be headed by world-leading academic Bjørn Lomborg, has been rejected by UWA. The decision comes after a vocal backlash from activists that prefer to shout down ideas rather than debate them.

Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt’s analysis is worth reading. It’s particularly interesting to read through Bolt’s long list of academic grants that haven’t generated a peep from the narrow sectional interests that have caused a media storm over the Lomborg proposal.


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