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Ultra-libertarian Jonathan Holmes

The Australian‘s Cut & Paste today on freedom of speech:

Urged on by Andrew Bolt and IPA! Mark Kenny, The Age, Monday:

URGED on by acerbic conservative commentator Andrew Bolt and the ultra-libertarian Institute of Public Affairs, the government has argued that nobody has a right not to be offended and that, in normal political and public discourse, unpleasant and potentially offensive arguments can be necessary.

Urged on by who? The Saturday Age, editorial, December 21, 2013:

THIS newspaper has long argued that Continue Reading →

Civil society should be the guardian of the public arena

Brendan O’Neill recognises that the right to speak and the right to hear are two sides of the same free speech coin:

There are two freedoms in freedom of speech. There is the liberty of people and groups to publish their thoughts, however offensive others might find them. And there is the just-as-important liberty of the public to decide, through independent thinking and open debate, whether Continue Reading →

Where are the free speech defenders of the Left?

Janet Albrechsten, in a column in The Australian this week, has looked at the debate in Canada surrounding the repeal of that country’s hate speech laws ($). The differences between that debate and the one occurring now in Australia are unfortunately stark:

But where are those brave ­individuals? Is there just one Labor MP with a genuine commitment to free speech? Where are the Continue Reading →

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