Tasmanian energy crisis inevitable after decades of green policies

Yesterday’s Inquirer piece (“Fighting to keep Tasmania’s lights on in energy crisis“, The Australian) overlooked the fact that the current Tasmanian energy crisis is the inevitable outcome of 30 years of green policies.

It is also the height of hypocrisy for people who have opposed investment in new coal, gas, hydro or nuclear power to now criticise electricity shortages.

For too long now, policymakers throughout the western world have used electricity networks to pursue political and environmental goals rather than simply supply affordable, reliable and safe power. In Australia, Europe and North America, investment in fossil fuel or nuclear generation has been discouraged, with preference given to wind, solar, or more interconnectors. The result has been the destruction of market price signals, higher costs, and decreased reliability. South Australia and Tasmania are now paying the price.

Instead of lobbying for another interconnector, the Tasmanian government should back self-reliance, bite the bullet, build a new power station, and send the bill to the Greens.


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