Lockout laws punish many for the sins of a few

Australian_masthead_resizedMy colleague Simon Breheny on New South Wales’ controversial lockout laws:

“They are a giant hammer that has been used to smash not only those who have done the wrong thing but also a whole range of other patrons who do the right thing and a whole range of businesses,” Breheny says.

“There was a far more targeted response that would have achieved better outcomes than broad, general-application laws . It has had a devastating impact on (the city’s) night-life and culture, and that is a very sad thing.” Breheny, who is also director of the Institute of Public Affairs’ Legal Rights Project, wants to see the laws replaced by more targeted measures and a greater police presence.

He says the crackdown in Kings Cross and the CBD has simply propelled revellers into suburbs such as Newtown, Pyrmont and Double Bay, which are not as well equipped for crowds.

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