Email: Do you love Australia? New poll shows you’re not alone

IPA commissioned poll shows Australians are proud to be Australian


You wouldn’t know it from listening to our Australians of the Year, but regular Australians understand that this is a great country.

The key findings of a new poll reveal:

  • 91% of Australians are “proud to be Australian”
  • 85% believe that “Australia Day is a day for celebration”
  • 78% agree that “Australia has a history to be proud of”
  • 92% believe Australia is a better country than most other countries, and
  • 81% believe the “world would be a better place if other countries were more like Australia”.

And this is what the IPA had to say about the findings this week:

  • The Herald Sun on Monday covered comments from the IPA’s James Paterson;
  • James also spoke on Monday with Neil Mitchell on 3AW;
  • IPA board member Janet Albrechtsen wrote in The Australian today that “it’s still cool to be Australian” ($)
  • And the IPA’s Chris Berg wrote in The Drum about the data which shows there is much to celebrate on Australia Day.

Rita Panahi, who also referred to this poll, had an excellent article in the Herald Sun yesterday noting that there “exists a wide gulf between mainstream opinion and those espoused by virtue signalling members of the commentariat.”

To the rank of members of the commentariat we can include recent recipients of the Australian of the Year award. IPA executive director John Roskam had this to say about the latest recipient, David Morrison, used his acceptance speech to call for the abolition of Australia’s constitutional monarchy:

I think his position on the republic is entirely inappropriate. What it shows is how out of touch he and the elites are with popular opinion.

Using Australia Day to push a purely political message is getting old, and as this poll suggests, is not appreciated by everyday Australians that just want to celebrate the day.

Trade Union Royal Commission endorses IPA position

The Final Report of the Trade Union Royal Commission, released to the public on 30 December 2015, found evidence of “widespread misconduct” and a “sinister picture” of unions concerned with “self-interest” rather than the interests of members.

The IPA’s submission, authored by Brett Hogan, was cited on ten occasions in the report, particularly his recommendations that:

  •  a new, independent body was needed to regulate trade unions and employer organisations; and
  • the duties imposed on unions and employer organisations and penalties for non-compliance should be equivalent to those that apply to companies under the Corporations Act 2001.

The TURC also strongly recommended the repeal of laws that allow industrial agreements to prescribe an employee’s superannuation fund, noting that laws should ensure “all employees have freedom of choice of superannuation fund.”

Western Civilisation in a galaxy far, far away


What does Star Wars and mediaeval Christianity have in common? It might be more than you expect.

In my recent Spectator article, I discuss the strange reluctance to admit the western nature of pop culture’s greatest heroes. Read it here.

Christmas carols ban out of tune with society


Victorian public schools are the latest front in the war on Christmas.

New instructions issued by the state education minister have the effect of banishing Christmas carols from Victorian classrooms.

As the IPA’s Simon Breheny wrote in The Australian on the 22nd of December:

This decision goes to the heart of good education… Suppressing aspects of the Christmas celebration denies a cultural heritage that has formed the basis of Western Civilisation and that underpins our understanding of life and liberty.

Continue reading here.

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