Greenpeace attacks IPA nomination for Templeton prize

Yesterday the Guardian reported:

The Institute of Public Affairs is in the running to win an international prize for its role in repealing the carbon tax.

The rightwing thinktank is a finalist for the $US100,000 (A$142,000) Templeton Freedom award, granted by American non-profit organisation the Atlas Network.

A glowing description of the IPA’s campaign strategy against the carbon tax – which was passed under the Gillard government in 2011 and repealed by the Abbott government in 2014 – is detailed on the Atlas Network website.

The report lauded the IPA’s influence in the Australian media landscape. “Starting from the day the tax was announced, the IPA took an active role in the mainstream media to counter the misinformation that advocates of the carbon tax were peddling,” the report reads.

“The IPA’s research and analysis of the economics underpinning the case for the carbon tax appeared in print media outlets 209 times between Jan 1, 2010, and July 31, 2014.

“IPA research scholars also featured on radio and television stations around Australia, with 363 radio appearances between 2008 and 2013 and 261 television appearances in the same time frame.”

But not everyone is happy, as reported in The Australian this afternoon:

“We are calling on them to donate the prize money in full, should they be successful, to a charity that is helping poorer nations to deal with the impact of climate change.”

IPA deputy executive director James Paterson said that wouldn’t be happening.

“Environmental organisations like Greenpeace campaign for higher taxes, more regulation and bigger government and that goes against the philosophy of the foundation that’s handing out this award,” he said.

Mr Paterson didn’t want to assume his organisation would win the prize.

“It’s a pretty impressive field. The Venezuelan entrants are literally putting their lives on the line with the things they do,” he said.


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