Email: The IPA’s Chris Berg and Simon Breheny give expert evidence to senate Nanny State inquiry at Parliament House in Canberra

Last Friday 11 September 2015, the IPA’s Chris Berg and Simon Breheny appeared as expert witnesses before the Senate Economics References Committee inquiry into personal choice and community impacts, colloquially known as the Nanny State inquiry.

The three key points we made were:

  • Paternalism is deeply undemocratic
  • Policy makers are as prone to making mistakes as consumers
  • Politicians and bureaucrats do not know what is in our best interests

Click here to read the media release the IPA published on the day of the hearing, and click here to read the IPA’s written submission.

A sneak preview of Flemming Rose’s new book in the upcoming IPA Review

Flemming Rose is a Danish journalist who writes for Jyllands-Posten. Rose is best known for commissioning a series of cartoons depicting Mohammed in 2005. Rose’s most recent book, The Tyranny of Silence: How One Cartoon Ignited A Global Debate on the Future of Free Speech, outlines the events surrounding the publication of these now infamous cartoons ten years ago.

The IPA’s Chris Berg has reviewed Rose’s book in the next edition of the IPA Review:

As Rose points out, Western liberalism’s weak and hesitating defence of free speech is not only a poor defence of its own values, but it abandons liberals in the Muslim world who are looking for alternative political paths. There are many human rights activists in the Muslim world crying out for the liberties which we now bargain away in the mistaken name of ‘toleration’.

Defending freedom of expression is not some academic preoccupation. It is fundamental to our idea of ourselves-to our liberties, and ultimately, to our civilisation.

Great friend of the IPA Mark Steyn will be speaking about freedom of speech in Copenhagen on 26 September. You can read his important post on the issue here.

Indigenous recognition – why all Australians should be equal in the Australian Constitution


The federal Coalition government has committed to amend the Australian Constitution to ‘recognise’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

All Australians should be equal in the Australian Constitution. The IPA has produced a booklet which will be sent to all IPA members in the coming days. Click the image to read the booklet.

The IPA has a clear principled position on the issue of indigenous recognition – we believe that the two current sections of the Constitution which refer to race should be repealed, and nothing new should be added.

If you would like to find out more, visit

Top 3 articles from this week you must read

  • Peter Hitchens argues that now the UK Labour Party has elected a real lefty to be leader maybe the Conservative Party can elect a real conservative.
  • In the wake of the recent Syrian refugee crisis, Victor Davis Hanson’s explanation of why refugees flee to the West in the National Review is worth revisiting.
  • And on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning British monarch, Mark Steyn offers a timely defence of the British monarchy.

Some other recent highlights from FreedomWatch

Warm regards,

Simon Breheny
Director, Legal Rights Project – Institute of Public Affairs


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