150 metre protest exclusion zones coming to Victoria


Fiona Patten MLC


For some, the freedom to walk within 150 metres of certain buildings without seeing something objectionable takes higher priority to freedom of speech. Unfortunately, those people happen to be the government in Victoria:

Sex Party MP Fiona Patten introduced a bill to Parliament earlier this month to introduce the 150 metre zones around fertility and reproductive health clinics.

Her original bill sought to prohibit displaying materials about reproductive health services, yelling, singing, chanting and “recording of any variety”.

… On afternoon ABC radio, Attorney-General Martin Pakula said it was likely that the government would support the intention of the bill, but it would have to go to caucus first. He also said it may require amendments or a completely new bill.

“… we are working very hard on it and we are working with Fiona Patten on it,” Mr Pakula said.

… Work will be done to iron out some of the wording of the proposal to avoid some “unintended consequences” of the Sex Party plan to get the intention of Ms Patten’s bill passed.

It’s hard to imagine what the ‘unintended consequences’ might be, when the explicit object of the bill is to stamp out peaceful activities.


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