Top 5 articles this week you must read


Sally Satel MD

1. According to Sally Satel from the American Enterprise Institute, speculation and misrepresentation of the facts of e-cigarettes threaten to dash the promise of a public health revolution.

2. Allow Daniel Hannan MEP to introduce you to the ‘Davos Man’, the well-dressed bureaucrat who doesn’t answer to anybody, and can concentrate on making themselves comfortable.

3. Professor James Allan has a message for Australians in Quadrant this week: be prepared for unjustified cries of ‘tyranny of the majority‘ when Constitutional recognition is rejected in a referendum.

4. According to this argument from Thomas West at the Heritage Foundation, the Founders of the United States had a model of welfare that actually reduced poverty.

5. Politics and science do not mix well. Over at The Federalist, Robert Tracinski’s has put together a list of 5 examples where environmentalists have got things completely wrong.


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