Top 5 articles from this week you must read


Greg Sheridan

1. Greg Sheridan had a powerful message in The Australian that constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders would deeply offend the most basic liberal principles ($).

2. Over at the Daily Signal, Lee Edwards debunks the myths that progressives push about the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

3. Past actions of the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission mean that even when she is right, no-one takes any notice. Read Andrew Bolt’s column at the Herald Sun on why its time Gillian Triggs resigned ($).

4. In The Telegraph, Christopher Snowdon slams proposals in Wales to ban e-cigarettes from use indoors, noting that the ‘harm principle is now entirely absent from political discourse’.

5. In The Australian – and republished on his blog here – Nick Cater pointed out that the IPCC is to science what FIFA is to soccer – bloated, unaccountable and out of touch.


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