Queensland Attorney-General backtracks on breathalyser proposal, continues with lockout plans

13304f1f-633c-4cda-bb8f-b677e2be4e9fThe Queensland government has backtracked from its alleged proposal to breathalyse patrons in Queensland pubs and clubs.

News of the plan was first reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin, which quoted Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath, as saying:

Allowing police to breathalyse drunken patrons will help them to build cases for prosecution for court

The report prompted widespread public outrage—understandably, given that such a policy would have treated hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders as evidence for criminal offences.

However, D’Ath has since released a statement claiming that no such plan exists:

There is no plan to random breath test drinkers and there never has been.

It is unclear whether the Attorney-General misspoke, or whether the public reaction has forced her to backtrack.

Unfortunately, the Queensland government has not backed down from the rest of its nanny-state agenda. The government intends to bring the existing 3am lockout forward to 1am, ban the serving of shots after midnight, and force licensed venues to close at 3am, instead of 5am—thereby forcing thousands of drunk people out on the street all at once.

As my colleague Chris Berg explained when Sydney introduced a similar lockout:

This is incredibly bad policy. It is explicitly in response to a moral panic that has no empirical foundation whatsoever…


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