Top 5 articles from this week you must read


Matt Ridley

1. More evidence to show that you shouldn’t blindly believe what the public health ‘experts’ tell you. Matt Ridley had a great piece in The Times on the long-overdue admission that cholesterol was not the villain we were assured it was.

2. At CapX, Tim Morgan argues that while capitalism and morality are indeed compatible, the corporatism model in place in the UK is compatible with neither.

3. Theodore Dalrymple details the absurdity of the ‘trigger warnings’ phenomenon, and the rise of ‘pre-traumatic stress disorder’.

4. In The Telegraph, Mayor of London, and newly elected MP Boris Johnson, tells of the ‘day of judgment‘ coming for the struggling Greeks.

5. Many are surprised to find that ‘family friendly’ policies, such as increased minimum wage and generous maternity leave policies, succumb to the law of unintended consequences. At Powerline, Steven Hayward shows why this should hardly be a surprise.


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