Michael Gove in defence of Christianity


On this Good Friday, I found particular enjoyment in reading Michael Gove’s article in The Spectator.

In his defence of Christianity, the Chief Whip of the British government outlined how it emphasises the importance and intrinsic value of the individual, and why it has been essential in movements to defend human liberty:

Christianity encourages us to see that, while all of us are prey to weakness, there is a potential for good in everyone. Every individual is precious. Christianity encourages us to look beyond tribe and tradition to celebrate our common humanity. And at every stage in human history when tyrants and dictators have attempted to set individuals against one another, it has been Christians who have shielded the vulnerable from oppression. It was Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Christian-inspired White Rose movement that led the internal opposition to Hitler’s rule. It was the moral witness of the Catholic church in Poland that helped erode Communism’s authority in the 1980s.

You can read the rest of Gove’s article here.


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