Finkelstein inquiry recommendations too tough for Russia

Reported in The Australian:

A new law in Russia requires bloggers with 3000 or more daily readers to register with the state watchdog Roskomnadzor, disclose their real identity and follow the same rules as journalists working in conventional state-registered mass media, Zenmate said in a blog.

Sound familiar? The Finkelstein Inquiry was way ahead of the curve. It recommended the Russian media regulations back in March 2012:

If a publisher distributes more than 3000 copies of print per issue or a news internet site has a minimum of 15 000 hits per annum it should be subject to the jurisdiction of the News Media Council, but not otherwise. These numbers are arbitrary, but a line must be drawn somewhere.

Spot the difference? The Russian regime only applies to blogs with more than one million hits per year. The Finkelstein recommendation required just fifteen thousand.


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