WARNING: historical smoking

historically smoking

If for some bizarre reason you choose to watch The Monuments Men, George Clooney’s latest, you will be confronted with its warning label.

We’ve all seen them, ‘Rated M for violence’, ‘MA15+ for language’, ‘R18+ for Katherine Heigl.’

Monuments Men, however, is rated PG-13 for… historical smoking?

The theory is that showing characters smoking historically in some way glorifies the act of smoking. Like how Titanic glorified icebergs.

This is another example of how far down the rabbit hole we are getting with Nanny Statism. Unlike Katherine Heigl, smoking isn’t illegal, and films shouldn’t be subject to whatever the in vogue regulatory concern is. People can withstand the sight of someone smoking without immediately being drawn in to its power, because not all people smoke and most people have been outside.


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