ABC backs the repeal of section 18C

It’s great to have the ABC on board! On AM this morning the ABC’s correspondent in Bangkok expressed serious concerns about freedom of speech during an interview with Thailand’s army spokesman, Colonel Weerachon Sukondhapatipak:

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Okay, well can we talk about another key element of democracy which no longer exists here. That is free speech and freedom of movement. It’s very clear now that you are trying to contain free speech, the freedom of movement of some people who want to express a different view.

WEERACHON SUKONDHAPATIPAK: People keep slander one another, people keep saying something insulted one another. That result, people keep putting hate speech everywhere in order to incite the unrest. This is the key factor that cause unrest in Thailand, that cause social divided in Thailand.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: I understand there is hate, there has been hate speech from some quarters in Thailand, but the military has also detained many other people, academics for instance, journalists, a very well known journalist from The Nation newspaper, who has been detained for daring to criticise what is unfolding in this country. It was not hate speech.

H/T to Andrew Bolt.


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