WATCH: Tim Wilson debate on section 18C


Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, appeared on ABC1’s Lateline last Friday discussing why the federal government should abolish section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Tim very eloquently argues that section 18C restricts our ability to debate and argue against those who do hold genuinely offensive opinions.

He rightfully points out that not allowing people to express those opinions doesn’t fix the problem of racism but merely pushes it underground.

Individuals should be able to argue freely so that society, not government, will decide morally and collectively what is right and wrong.

I actually have much more faith in the average Australian citizen that people do understand just how absurd ridiculous and preposterous some of those ideas are. People are able to assess the credibility of someone as discredited and irrelevant as that individual and the ideas they put out there. It doesn’t need to be shut down with law. What we need is more speech and more reason to come out to challenge it.

Watch the full debate here.


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