Tasmania’s crazy electoral laws


Clive Palmer is…right?

I am just as confused and disoriented as you are, but he is. The rigid electoral laws in Tasmanian state elections are ridiculous.

Palmer has come out in opposition to them in response to the investigation of his actions, as well as those Senator-elect Jacqui Lambie, by the Tasmanian electoral commissioner.

From ABC Online:

The state’s electoral commissioner is looking into whether Palmer United Party (PUP) pamphlets, which contained the names of other candidates who had not given their consent, breached the Electoral Act.

Tasmania’s ALP president John Dowling raised concerns that the leaflets, which named Premier Lara Giddings and Opposition Leader Will Hodgman and were sent out to households, may have broken the rules.

Palmer is  being completely reasonable, especially when he says this:

I’m happy to be like Ghandi

Sorry, not that one:

This system is not honest, it’s not fair and it’s not reasonable

Yep, that one. The key to the democratic process is information. If people are denied access to information about the election because some people don’t want their images displayed, then the law is wrong. Palmer, and his party, should be free to provide any information they can to the voters, who can be trusted to decide which party they wish to vote for. Banning certain information is undemocratic and patronising.

And if you can’t trust voters to make the right decisions, why do we even have democracy?

We can’t be surprised this law is still around. After all, this is the state which still bans how-to-vote cards.


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