Is there anyone less imaginative than a Nanny Statist?


The unimaginative, uninspiring policy recommendations that emanate from paternalists in Australia and elsewhere are unbearably trite. Here’s an example from the United Kingdom:

While crisps, confectionery and fizzy drinks have already been banned from council-run schools, energy drinks, which are often very high in sugar, have only been banned at two schools in the north of England, the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) said, adding that their example should be taken up by the Government.

We’ve heard this all before. And in this case the proposal isn’t just inane, it’s not even a response to an actual problem.

Evidence from Scotland shows that soft drink sales are declining rapidly. Year after year the trend continues. Yet the population is growing, meaning that the soft drink consumption rate in Scotland is declining without a government-imposed ban.

Similar trends can be seen elsewhere in the developed world. Soft drink sales projections in the United States predict a dramatic decline in the coming decades.


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