Shock: Pollie tells truth about bad Nanny State policy


‘Chock-a-block full of chocolate.’

Anti-obesity campaigners have been pushing governments to introduce a prescriptive form of food labelling regulation, known as the ‘food star rating system.’

Under this proposal, your everyday packaged foods in supermarkets will get a rating, out of five stars, on its nutritional value.

Nanny Statists have been angered that the Abbott government has not jumped head first into the food star rating policy. (A food star rating website did briefly appear, only to be taken down a few hours later.)

But Coalition MP Ewen Jones has today explained why this whole idea is an expensive waste of time. In short: food labelling just won’t work to prevent obesity.

When I’m opening up a tub of ice-cream, I’m not looking at the rating. I’m not opening it because it’s low-calorie, low-fat or because it’s good for me … I’m opening it up because it’s chock-a-block full of chocolate.

It’s good to see a parliamentary backbencherĀ stepping upĀ to speak in favour of common sense, truthfully calling out the food star rating idea for the complex, yet needless, regulation it would turn out to be.


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