SA Health: Fill out this form or take your chances with the tap

drinking-water-applicationSince I was appointed one of the IPA’s official designated water cooler changers, I’ve found out what an absolutely terrifying experience it can be. Having to bend your knees, straighten your back and remember which side has to face down when you put in the new tub is exhausting and confusing. It’s clearly a job for the fittest and finest, as I was reassured constantly when I was appointed to the position.

The government has stepped in, and not a moment too soon. You see, I fear a lot of things about this job, but the biggest fear of all is that the new tub I’m putting in might not actually be water.

Thankfully, the government has a foolproof 9 step form to fill out to register as a Drinking Water Provider. To obtain approval, you have to know what type of treatment the water is given, know the salinisation procedures at the place you get the water from, and submit 24 hour contact details. Because if it’s 3am and I want some water out of the water cooler, I’m entitled to some answers first.

To ensure compliance with the law by all drinking water providers, I encourage all South Australian readers to take this form to their nearest river.


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