Odd Future denied entry to New Zealand


It’s not a rap concert unless it creates moral outrage.

Odd Future, a United States hip hop group, had their visas revoked by the New Zealand government just before they were to perform alongside Eminem in his “Rapture” tour. Immigration New ZealandĀ have said:

The Immigration Act 2009 provides that entry permission may not be granted where there is reason to believe there is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk to public order or the public interest.

“Odd Future has been deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest for several reasons, including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence. In one instance, a police officer was hospitalised following a riot incited by Odd Future.

It should be pointed out that the officer hurt his back while containing the crowd, and was released from hospital that day.

Odd Future, and its leader Tyler, The Creator, are not for the faint-hearted. Their lyrics are violent, brutal and unsettling, and that’s what attracts their fans. In a world in which 99% of rappers feel the need to describe their last visit to a nightclub in painstaking detail and call it a song, they’re the one group daring to be really weird.

Instead of encouraging creativity and the pushing of boundaries, progressives would rather only have music with tried and tested messages of virtue. And if there are fans of artists that fall short of that message, then really they’re just as bad as the rappers and should be punished by being robbed of a good time and the chance to see that band live.

And really, if Odd Future is as repulsive, disgusting and musically redundant as it seems, then no one would have turned up anyway.


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