Ban backyard swimming pools

Pool-Closing-picAn Australian blogger has called for a ban of all private pools in people’s properties in response to the tragic drownings of children every year. The death of one child in a pool is of course one too many, and naturally we wish to protect children from harm. Yet it is impossible to protect ourselves from all the slings and arrows that life has to offer.

And this “solution” appears to be the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut. The reader comments to the article clearly show that I am not the only person who thinks that cementing up private pools may be a step too far:

We really need to be careful with these kind of ideas, it might not be the banning of cars but the amount of rules that can be added in the name of safety is and will continue to spiral out of control. People seem to want a zero fatality society yet this is not only impossible, the quest for it will create a culture and country based on fear and draconian governance. 

A considered response to a knee jerk reaction. Or as a another reader more succinctly put it: “am I reading the Onion?”

Let’s not completely suck the fun out of life in this misguided quest to bubble wrap the world around us.


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