Vu Ho loses battle to keep his pet

484389-vu-hoMelbourne man Vu Ho was sentenced by the High Court last Friday to surrender property and pay legal fees estimated at around $200,000.

So what did he do to deserve this sentence? It must have been awful, right?

Well, Vu Ho wanted to keep his beloved sheep Baa as a pet.

He has owned Baa for nearly 12 years, but in 2011 the Greater Dandenong Council ordered him to remove the sheep from his property. Mr Ho had apparently broken a local by-law that stated livestock could not be kept on properties of less than half a hectare. This was despite there being no formal complaints about the sheep from any local resident.

Vu Ho then applied for a permit to keep Baa as a pet, as this was clearly what Baa was. The council, in their infinite wisdom in deciding what is and is not a pet, declared the sheep to be ‘not a pet’.

So began a lengthy court battle between Mr Ho and Greater Dandenong Council/Grand Chamber of Pet Deciders. Because no lawyers would take Vu Ho’s case, he was forced to represent himself at times. Yet ultimately the council won, and now Vu Ho must pay the cost for recklessly breaking the law and tearing apart the fabric of society as we know it.

The only possible silver lining is that this will be a great reason to film The Castle 2.


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