The best opinion piece of 2013


You’re about to read one of the best op eds of 2013.

The Daily Telegraph‘s James Morrow has written a searing critique of public health sociologists and their disgraceful reaction to the news that McDonald’s restaurants are trialling a home delivery service in Sydney. It’s a magnificent piece:

To judge by the hysterical reaction in some quarters to the news that Macca’s North Parramatta outlet has started a home delivery service, one would think Ronald McDonald himself was prowling the suburbs, dashing tofu salads to the ground and forcing unsuspecting citizens to eat Quarter Pounders at gunpoint.

Radio and television programs have run thick all week with public health advocates complaining that the McDonald’s move makes it more difficult to re-engineer society in their own virtuous image, and that Big Macs on demand will lead to health budgets blowing out worse than the Qantas bottom line. One newspaper went so far as to declare that the service the “new enemy” of “healthy eating”.

Nowadays, your rights end at the point where they might impact a heath budget or take a toll on that woolly concept – “productivity.”

Putting aside the creepy implication that our lives only have value insofar as our impact on the government’s bottom line, it tends to be only those who do not have the platform of a position in academia, the media, or politics who find their lifestyles’ under fire.

Read Morrow’s brilliant piece in full here.


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