Funding taken from activists lobbying to remove your property rights

edo homeGood news! The Environment Defender’s Office – whose staff have a blatant disregard for property rights – has had their funding slashed by the Abbott government:

Australia’s environmental legal centres have lost their federal funding in a move that could see the closure of some of the nine offices around the country.

The federal government has immediately cut an estimated $10 million boost over four years quietly given to Environmental Defender’s Offices in the dying days of the former Labor government.

The government is also planning to end a long-standing annual payment – which for all but one office was around $90,000 – from July 1, meaning the legal centres will no longer receive any federal funding from mid-next year.

It is great to see that public funds are being removed from such activist groups. Those who have a collectivist agenda should not have tax payers’ money to lobby for the removal of our property rights for political gain.


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