Bikies protesting all the way to the High Court

SA BIKIES LAWS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FILEBikie gangs are upping the ante with their complaints against the Newman government’s new laws by threatening to take their arguments to the High Court:

Cashed up bikie clubs will launch a High Court challenge to the Newman Government’s anti-gang laws, saying they have no other option but to fight back.

The clubs are assembling a $500,000 war chest for the showdown, which could be launched before Christmas, and have employed NSW Hells Angels barrister Wayne Baffsky to lead the charge…

A Brisbane law firm will also be announced as part of the challenge, which is being led by the United Motorcycle Council representing 14 Queensland gangs.

Queensland Attorney-General Bleijie’s bikie legislation criminalizes legitimate pursuits, such as being a member of a motor cycle club and wearing club colours, because of the actions of a dangerous and lawless minority.

There are already many laws at both the state and commonwealth level to deal with the horrendous crimes of “murder, rape, extortion and drug trafficking.” The rule of law should never be undermined, even for the most extreme cases.



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