Council lobby should suck it up

Local councils are now insisting that the federal government should reimburse them for the millions of dollars they spent on the ‘Yes’ campaign for the referendum on constitutional recognition of local councils:

But Tim Wilson, from the Citizens’ No Campaign, said taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for councils that spent millions on consultants and advertising for a failed bid to boost their status in the Constitution.

“The council lobby has millions in assets. They should foot the bill when they knowingly commissioned high-priced consultants for a referendum that was never guaranteed to go ahead.

“Councils spent millions trying to con Australians into thinking services were at risk, but cancelling the referendum proved it was always misleading and wrong.”

It was never a certainty that the council would get the funds they crave, even if the referendum did succeed. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill because councils backed the wrong cause. This is further proof of why it was a good thing that the referendum failed, otherwise we would have had this wasteful and irresponsible buck passing cemented into the constitution.


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