We need to take human rights back from the Left


Have a read of this:

The greatest intellectual error the parties of the centre-right made in the West in the years after World War II was to abdicate the field and concede the human rights debate to the Left.

That was shadow attorney-general Senator George Brandis in a recent interview with The Australian’s legal affairs editor Chris Merritt.

And he’s absolutely right. His solution is to create a Freedom Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission – something I’ve advocated before. If the AHRC is going to exist, this might make it less a leftist echo chamber and more a defender of Australians’ liberty. (Read about the AHRC’s appalling record on free speech to give yourself a taste of how poorly it defends human rights.)

But the best way of reclaiming human rights from the Left is to end all taxpayer funding of the human rights industry which obsesses with ‘human rights’ to broadband internet and welfare cheques.

The first thing to go? The AHRC itself, which should be abolished completely.


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