TOXIC: contains caffeine

energy_drinkThe IPA has warned us before that food and drinks high in sugar and fats are the new tobacco for Nanny State crusaders. So it should come as no surprise that energy drinks are now subject to bureaucrats’ merciless gaze. The Department of Health will release a discussion paper that will look at the “regulation and availability of caffeinated energy drinks,” in response to “public health concerns.”

The key culprits: caffeine and the Nanny State’s old nemesis, Sugar. So toxic are these substances that Nanny is beginning to think they should be banned to those under 18. As Jane Martin from the Obesity Policy Coalition breathlessly notes:

I mean these drinks are heavy with caffeine, a stimulant, (and) they’re very high in sugar – a pretty amazing combination.

Sugar and caffeine are two legal and perfectly safe substances. Obesity and diabetes are not caused from drinking the occasional Red Bull, as any reasonable 10 year old would know. It seems that the child like idiots in the health industry haven’t quite figured that out yet.




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