Special membership offer expires this Friday

This is the last week to take advantage of the Institute of Public Affairs’ special membership offer.

All new members who sign up by Friday 20 September will receive a bonus free book, Really Dangerous Ideas. Edited by Gary Johns and featuring essays from many current and former IPA staff, Really Dangerous IdeasĀ  canvasses radical policy ideas like privatising the ABC and abolishing the Human Rights Commission. New members also get to choose between one of three standard free books as part of their new membership pack.

The IPA would not be able to run important projects like FreedomWatch if it wasn’t for the generous support of our wonderful members. As of this week, we had 3,545 individuals committed to the cause of freedom in Australia. The more members the IPA has, the more the IPA can do to fight fore freedom in Australia.

To join them, simply visit http://join.ipa.org.au/specialoffer/ and enter the code “membership”.

Remember to act by Friday 20 September if you don’t want to miss out on this special offer.


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