Preventive Health Agency is Centrelink for Nanny Statists


Nick Cater has a great piece in The Australian today, exposing some of the money-grubbing wowsers that use our own cash to tell us how to live our lives:

Thanks to Labor, we now have the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, a body set up to help its citizens keep their smoking, drinking and eating at appropriate levels. The country needed “national infrastructure to help drive the way we behave”, Roxon told the parliament in 2010. “Sitting on our hands is not an option.”

It is a pity the Labor government was so firm in ruling out sitting on its hands. The first achievement of ANPHA was to create 38 public-service jobs in Canberra. Its second was to encourage a gaggle of grant-seeking bodies to devise ridiculous ways of encouraging responsible drinking.

Incolink, the union-dominated body that manages redundancy payments for construction workers, scored $300,000 for its Drink Safe Mate project, which will help young workers learn to handle the grog using “a capacity-building approach”. The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health in Victoria also went for capacity-building, intending to use its cheque for $492,267 to “improve the capacity of young people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds to reduce their risk of alcohol-related harm”. The organisation Youthsafe opted for “a resilience-based binge drinking project” that must still be in the early stages, since we are told it will cost $356,678 to develop, deliver and evaluate.

The IPA’s Chris Berg explains the insidious trend of the government using taxpayer money to lobby itself in this short video.


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