No constitutions allowed on US Constitution day

constitution_quill_penIn the US, a student has been stopped by college police from handing out copies of the US constitution… on Constitution Day!

In a dramatic example of the restriction on free speech at many US colleges, the student was told he could not pass out the constitution as he was not “in the free speech zone”. This is despite the first amendment in the¬†US constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech.

Modesto Junior College in California is one of the sixty-odd colleges identified as having ‘free speech zones’, in which students are permitted to engage in ‘expressive activities’. The student was required to book the zone weeks in advance, but was denied permission for that day as two other students on campus were exercising their own free speech – apparently the maximum allowed at any one time.

The restriction on free speech, as demonstrated by this story, is particularly alarming given the enforcement of ‘free speech zones’ is mostly¬†occurring in community (government-run) colleges.

The full story, including a video, is available here.


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