Nanny Statists: Only Nanny Statists can talk about obesity

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Just when corporate types thought they could make a useful contribution to society by sending out a health message, without being hectored for doing so, they should think again.

A collective of twelve health lobby groups known as the Obesity Policy Coalition ‑ including taxpayer funded ‘NGOs’ such as Diabetes Australia and Nutrition Australia ‑ wrote a joint letter to Coca‑Colaʼs Australian and New Zealand operations complaining about their recent advertisements promoting an anti‑obesity message. More details can be found at this website.

The Obesity Policy Coalition complaint, in part, appears to rest upon nothing more than a simple elitism – they see themselves as the divinely ordained ones who can speak to the health problems surrounding obesity, and anyone else should be rhetorically smited for doing so.

According to spokeswoman, Jane Martin, ʻwe think we are best placed to talk about the implications and the solutions as far as sugary drinks are concerned. … I donʼt think the public should be taking dietary advice from Coca‑Cola.ʼ

The company responded to the Obesity Policy Coalition letter, emphasising the common‑sense proposition that people should have the choice of food and drink, even unhealthy ones, as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

This incident, and so many others, clearly illustrates how it is impossible for any reasonable person to appease the influential, yet plainly irrational, Nanny State lobby.


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