Four principles of a legitimate national security state

If you read one article this week make it this one:

Like hits for Katy Perry, the scandals for the National Security Agency just keep coming. In the wake of revelations that the NSA has been tracking virtually every phone call ever made and sifting through Internet data like a crazed prospector panning for gold at Sutter’s Mill, there’s yet more disturbing news with every passing day.

Nick Gillespie uses the piece to clearly outline the four principles that should form the basis of a classical liberal national security state. Gillespie’s four principles are:

1. Transparency uber alles
2. Legal authority is not optional
3. Target the bad guys
4. Track the effectiveness

These principles are an excellent guide to the development of national security policy in any liberal democracy. They are as relevant to the US as they are here. It’s only when these four principles are used as the basis for a national security state that the rule of law can be upheld and the human right to privacy respected.


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