Erosion of property rights becomes reality

LI-th-crimcash-20121007201312644403-620x349Last Friday, unexplained wealth laws came into effect in Queensland. They are an erosion of property and legal rights.

The IPA has previously warned the laws represent an attack on fundamental legal rights.

With the laws now in effect, Queensland’s Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie stated:

From today, if the state can prove on the balance of probabilities that there is reasonable suspicion a person has been involved in a crime, the onus will be on the individual to prove they obtained their property and money legitimately.

These laws blatantly reverse of the burden of proof, and overturn the centuries old legal principle of ‘innocent before proven guilty’.

To make matters worse, persons convicted of drug trafficking must forfeit all of their property no matter the legality of how it was obtained. Any gifts given by the offender to people within six years of the offence must also be forfeited.

Queensland is becoming a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ state when it comes to property rights.


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