The liar investigating his own untruths

President Obama promised that he would set up an ‘independent’ review of the NSA’s illegal hacking of emails, with a panel┬ámade up of “outside experts.” The White House has just announced that James Clapper has been asked:

to establish the “review group” that will be responsible for issuing a report about how surveillance programs “impact our security, our privacy, and our foreign policy.” The review group is intended in part, as the president said last week, to “maintain the trust of the people”

Name sound familiar? Well, James Clapper is the Director of National Intelligence, who has been embroiled with the NSA scandal from day one. Watch the video to see Clapper lying to Congress about the NSA’s use and access of data. It’s a little odd that he has now been invited to run the investigation into his own wrongdoing.

Australians dodged a NSA-scandal bullet when the Gillard government was forced to back down from their data-retention scheme, which could have led directly to a similar mess.


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