The Left’s march towards tyranny

Watch this fantastic video of Mary Kissel discussing the link between Leftist ideology and tyranny with the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger:

The video is in response to US President Obama’s declaration that “where I can act on my own, I’m going to act on my own. I won’t wait for Congress.” This reflects the ┬áincreasing tendency of the Left (the USA’s so-called ‘liberals’) to call for the side stepping the US Constitution, which clearly delineates power between the Executive (the President), the Legislature (Congress), and the Judiciary (the courts).

Henninger notes that:

The political left, historically inclined by ideological belief to public policy that is imposed rather than legislated, will support Mr. Obama’s expansion of authority. The rest of us should not.

Indeed. This is a direct attack on the constitutionally mandated separation of powers, to ensure that the government works for the people, and not the other way round. It’s a sad day when the leader of one of the world’s oldest democracies is actively seeking the dismantling of the liberal democratic system that has made it one of the great bulwarks of Western civilization.


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