The Greens’ war on parental responsibility

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Last week the Greens told us that parents aren’t capable of teaching their kids about nutrition. This week, they’ve revealed that parents are also unable to teach children about probability and risk. Apparently the Greens believe that parental incompetence knows no limits.

The far left party is proposing to ban gambling companies from sponsoring sports clubs:

Victorian Greens Senator Richard Di Natale said a ban was needed to limit the exposure of gambling brands to young children.

“Research already shows that most kids are able to identify several sports betting companies just from watching the footy,” Senator Di Natale told the Herald Sun.

Mr Di Natale dismisses out of hand the many benefits of gambling. Apart from being a good form of entertainment, gambling also provides a way for young people to learn about probability and risk. Teaching children these important lessons is easier if the ideas parents are trying to instil can be related back to something they enjoy, like football.

Ultimately, the decision as to which company sponsors sporting clubs is one for the club and its supporters. If Mr Di Natale owned a sporting club he could refuse gambling sponsorship to his heart’s content. But Greens aren’t satisfied with that – they want to impose their own moral code on everyone.

Using children as an excuse to peddle authoritarian ideology is about as low as it gets. This policy is just the latest shot fired in the Greens’ war on personal – and parental – responsibility.


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