Soaking the poor

Today my research was featured in an excellent op ed ($) by Australian columnist Judith Sloan. Sloan outlines the folly of the proposal to increase the tobacco excise, which is designed to raise revenue in an attempt to place a band aid over the budget deficit:

We also know that the bottom 20 per cent of households pay one-third more tobacco excise tax on average than the top 20 per cent. It is the poor who smoke and pay a disproportionate share of the excise. In the words of Julie Novak, a senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, it is a case of “soaking the poor” – not the rich.

This is a cruel and paternalistic policy. The increase in the tobacco excise is a tax hike on those in our community that can least afford it. And it’s being forced upon us by self-appointed health experts who have no respect for liberty.

You can read my research paper on Nanny State taxes – which include the tobacco excise – here.


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