Greens: parents are incapable of raising children

Why the Greens continue to be seen as a party of social liberalism is baffling. In fact, it is a party obsessed with social control. This obsession is rooted in a belief that the vast majority of people are not intelligent enough to make decisions on their own behalf.

Take the raising of children. Social liberals believe that parents should take responsibility for their children and it’s up to them to instil a sense of right and wrong – not the government.

But the Greens, in their unfathomable wisdom, have decided that parents are incapable of raising their own children. Instead, the state should act in loco parentis.

The latest example of this authoritarian brand of social policy is the Greens’ proposed restrictions on junk food advertising. As reported in the Herald Sun:

The Greens’ advertising ban plan includes setting enforceable, national-standard times when junk food ads were banned on commercial TV. They are, between 6am-9am and 4pm-9pm weekdays and between 9am-noon and 4pm-9pm on weekends and school holidays.

The creepy policy places the state at the centre of the relationship between parent and child. The major parties should reject any move towards such an illiberal approach to social policy.


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