Free book: ‘No: The Case Against Canberra’s Local Government Power Grab’

NOVAK_No-COVERfinalBefore Kevin Rudd called the federal election for Saturday 7 September, the IPA was leading the fight against the local government referendum.

We produced this one page factsheet and this popular YouTube video about the dangers of giving Canberra even more power over our lives.

We also planned to publish a book by IPA Senior Fellow Dr Julie Novak, No: The Case Against Canberra’s Local Government Power Grab.

Julie Novak has written the comprehensive, definitive case against amending the constitution to recognise local government. She covers every single argument for and against the referendum in 54 pages of powerful analysis.

By calling the election for 7 September, Kevin Rudd stopped the referendum – for now. But that doesn’t mean a future parliament won’t resurrect this dangerous idea. To ensure that does not happen, we’ve already sent copies of Julie’s book to every federal member of parliament.

If you would like a free copy of the book, simply email your mailing address to Hannah Pandel at the IPA at


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