Domestic goddesses aren’t welcome at school

nigella_lawson1Budding Nigella Lawsons have been forced to put away their mixing bowls after yet another school has banned home made treats from the school fete. Isle of Wight mum was asked is she had the “appropriate qualifications” to bake the cupcakes that she had produced for her daughter’s charity sale. Due to OH&S, they were not fit for sale, but a school staffer suggested that she “should still take the cakes in – for the teachers.”

Mrs Hippolite was breaking a new Nanny State law, but an Isle of Wight councilman later said that the law would not apply: “parents making the occasional cake to sell at a school event do not need to be registered.” It is heartening that someone on the council saw sense, but you should worry when draconian laws are introduced, and that they are only enforced by the whim of a bureaucrat. These kind of meddling laws should be repealed to allow people the freedom to bake cakes!

The IPA’s Tim Wilson has written on how Nanny doesn’t like cakes south of the equator either.


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