Charities drowning in red tape

red-tape-2_729-420x0Red tape is not only stifling businesses but also drowning charities in paperwork. Meals on Wheels in Wagga Wagga is having more and more volunteers tied up with administration work, instead of delivering food to the elderly. Volunteers face increasing responsibilities that they weren’t expecting, putting added pressure on those who just want to help out the needy.

Fortunately local federal MP Michael McCormack is seeing how red tape quickly becomes a “recipe for disaster”:

It is unnecessary and burdensome…we certainly want to end the nanny state mentality and revisit legislation to ensure it is easier for them to get the job done.

I’ve written before about how too much red tape kills charities, depriving the most vulnerable in our society from the help they desperately need. The more sinister aspect of these laws is that governments benefit where charities fail. Big government steps in to fill the role previously occupied by charities overburdened by regulation. This creates a culture of dependency where people instinctively turn to politicians to solve their problems, instead of trying to remedy them through their own community’s initiative and benevolence.


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