Update on Canberra’s local government power grab

The proposed local government referendum has been a major focus of the IPA’s research over recent months. Of course, the referendum isn’t really about local councils at all – it is about expanding the power of the federal government. The IPA’s research on the referendum is vital because the federal government has shamelessly skewed taxpayer funding in favour of the ‘yes’ campaign 20:1 in an effort to buy the outcome they want.

It’s vitally important that Australians are informed about the risks associated with this power grab, and that’s why we’ve produced this short informative video that every voter should see before casting their ballot in the upcoming referendum. The video is narrated by the IPA’s Tim Wilson and features Western Australian Senator Dean Smith and Mayor of Hornsby, Steve Russell, speaking about why they believe it deserves to fail. You can watch the video here.

If you’ve already seen the video please share it with your friends and family. Forward them this email. If you’re on Facebook, click here to share the video with your friends. If you’re on Twitter, click here to share it with your followers.

To find out more about this attempt to centralise power, you can read our one page local government referendum fact sheet here. You can also read all our recent posts on the referendum on FreedomWatch here.


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